Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Mother Nature needs her Zoloft

Ah, the weather today. With the sun and the rain and the thunder and lightning. Well, you were there. You know. Oh, wait, some of you weren't. I'll give you a pictorial play-by-play.

When I got to work, there was a rainbow. It was very brief.
bad photo taken with my cell phone out a dirty office window

Then the rain and some clearing and some rain and some clearing and at one point it looked like The Day After Tomorrow over downtown:
good picture courtesy of Ricardo DeAratanha, LA Times

Then the thunder and lightning came, followed by the gathering of every species in the world, one male and one female. Then, the Internet (well, Twitter) exploded with double rainbows over West Hollywood (figures).
photos courtesy of @EvanPow, @Amandadecadenet, and @levarburton respectively. Yes, THAT Amanda DeCadenet. Yes, THAT LeVar Burton. It's a reading rainbow.

Finally, there was something of an actual sunset and the sky turned a pretty orange-pink for about three minutes.

bad cell phone picture again.

special thanks to @WeHoDaily for collecting awesome photos from your Twitter followers for those of us too lazy to do so.

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