Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Way to ruin my sister's birthday, Lousy Weather

I started a project for my sister, Katie. Her birthday is December 30th, so I thought I'd send her 30 sunsets from December 1st until her birthday. I was good. I was dedicated. I drove to Venice to get her a good beach sunset. I took a photo with my cell phone while driving south on La Cienega because I couldn't get out of traffic. And then the rain started.

I have taken to sending her stock photos of sunsets in Maui, Honduras, The Bahamas...hell, I even sent a sunset from Mars. But I'm running out of creativity, folks, and the rain keeps coming. I need me a decent sunset. I might just have to turn to MS Paint.

Are you missing the lovely sunsets? Here are some of my favorites from before the deluge. The last one was technically taken after the sun had set, but the colors were so pretty I couldn't resist.

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