Friday, April 08, 2011

11 kinds of crazy--because variety is the spice of life

Yesterday I tweeted--"It's 11 kinds of crazy in the city today. Y'all be safe, okay?" And then I nearly got run over by a car in the parking lot at the Farmer's Market. I totally cussed the driver out and gave him my best Hoffman (I'm walking here!).

But anyway, I'm here to illustrate one of the kinds of crazy on display yesterday. Someone shot at one of our office windows!
Poor Celina, who sits in front of that window, was ducking and covering all day long. We're sure it happened in the middle of the night or something, this being not the best neighborhood in LA.
We found the bullet, too.
Actually, that kind of looks like stigmata. I assure you, it's a crumpled bullet. We called the crack security team at our office building, who filled out a report. They called the police, who arrived in their sharp navy blue uniforms, with the shiny badges and.....Oh, I'm back. (I do love a good uniform) The popo took a report and the bullet. Maintenance showed up and said the windows are custom and it will take a year...okay a fix the window. Yeah!

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