Thursday, April 07, 2011

I may be a bit over-extended

I have a list of projects a mile long and all of them have deadlines that I'm thinking will not be met. Things I have started/ need to finish:
I have an Easter present for my sister, which is pretty much done; just needs some blocking and such. Then, there's a Mitered Crosses Blanket for Joann's birthday--Joann's birthday is April 12th. That's next Tuesday. Doesn't look promising.

And then, there's The Fiction Project--This was my Crazy talking (I have really got to get that girl in check). You have a theme, a moleskin, and free reign to fill it as you please with writing. I didn't get the notice early enough. I signed up on March 31st and the deadline is May 1st, so I pretty much have one month to fill it with fiction of my own creation. I haven't received the moleskin yet, so I'm writing on plain paper and I'll transfer it to the journal. I'm really nervous about this one, although my inner Muse (Crazy's good sister), got me writing the other night and I actually outlined a story to the end.

And then, there's a 2nd Mitered Crosses Blanket--yep, I liked the first one so much, I had to start a second in different colors.

And then, there's Maude (and then there's Maude). Side note--I've been watching some Maude on Antenna TV (5.2), and the other day they made a WPT vs. CPT joke. What?!? Then, Maude and Florida Evans* (you know, the mom from Good Times) got into a fight with their respective husbands about women being treated like property. Maude's man said, "You're always asking me to possess you." and Maude replied, "Walter Finley, I have never said that standing up and you know it." Damn, Maude. I'd forgotten how controversial that show was.

Oh, Socks!--I'm at the decrease row, but I've misplaced the directions. I know I saved them to my computer somewhere, but I haven't found them yet. So, the socks are on hold.

I've yet to figure out how to add a day of requirement somewhere in the middle of the week. Would one of you Quantum Physics types get on that? It would be like the Room of Requirement at Hogwarts, but you'd be able to add a day when you needed it.

*for those of you too young to remember, or with foggy memories, Florida was Maude's housekeeper.

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