Wednesday, April 27, 2011

It's been a WTF kind of day

Besides the usual things, like work related things, on three consecutive trips to the ladies the following things happened:

  1. Two youngish women (late teens?) entered the ladies' room with me, one of them with a baby approximately 6-9 months old. When I was washing my hands, the woman with the baby was washing the baby's feet and legs in the sink. It hadn't appeared dirty when she entered and she had been at the sink the whole time.
  2. All of the stalls were occupied except one, which was clogged. I had to pee desperately. I wiggled and danced, and nearly wet myself waiting for someone--ANYONE--to finish and get out of there. Instead, I waited while all three women repeated flushed the toilets in tandem. I counted 4 times before I said "screw it" and went in the clogged stall.
  3. Someone vomited in the bathroom sink and didn't attempt to wash it down the drain.
This, added to the fact that I'm back on coffee after giving it up for Lent and am feeling particularly bitchy, has made me want to carry a weapon. I think I'll use the men's room on my way out tonight.

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