Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The calm before the storm

I'm got to the office just as the sun was cresting the tallest buildings on the LA skyline, which isn't really saying much, this being LA and there being earthquake restrictions on tall buildings and shit.  But, the sun was just coming up, y'all.  It's probably been a good two months since I've been awake for this event, let alone out of pajamas...and certainly not arriving at work.  In recent months, there have been some changes around the office and I no longer have a front door key.  But today, I'm opening the office instead of the usual gal and I have things to do before a meeting at 9:30.  Since I'll be sitting at the front desk at 8:00, early arrival it is. 

I'm sitting in my office and I realize that the time now is exactly twelve hours from the time I left last night. Aside from the presence of the cleaning crew, the office is exactly the same.  It's cold, even colder than usual, and so quiet.  I can hear the cars on the boulevard.  Someone just threw trash in the dumpster across the street. I heard the lid slam.  There's a quiet hum coming from the fluorescent lights that reminds me of "Joe vs. The Volcano."  A fax just came in.  It's probably an advertisement.  We get a lot of those.  I've already eaten my Cream of Wheat, which I usually don't eat until 9:30.  I'll be ready for lunch by 10 at this rate.

LA is hazy today.  I didn't notice that on the drive in. The clouds have a Simpsons opening look about them.  I can't see the Hollywood sign from my window yet. I'm sure it'll burn off by noonish.  I won't notice, though.  By then, I'll be knee deep in the hoopla, as the song says.  The quiet has been nice, though.  

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San Diego Momma said...

I love how lyrical that post reads, even though on its surface, it's just an account of the morning.

So much BELOW the surface there, though.

I love it.