Wednesday, January 18, 2012

February can't come soon enough

I have a calendar in my bedroom. It was free from a promotional items company.  Here is the January artwork.

You get the idea. Name tags that tell your employees they did a good job.  Can you tell which one drives me absolutely crazy?  So crazy, in fact, that I almost took a Sharpie to it for my own satisfaction?  

The word "office" is so small that from across the room all I see is "I'm an rock star," and the bad grammar makes me want to scream.  Every day.  I find myself looking at it and saying, "No, you're an idiot."  Yes, I realize it's a calendar and can't talk back.  Yes, I get the concept.  I just think that particular one really should have been thought through a little more.  

[yes, I'm a little obsessive.]

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