Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Disneyfication of menstruation

We all know that Disney isn't one to dwell on the unpleasantness of life.  Sure, a parent dies here and there, but you don't see the messy side of it.  I mean, Mufasa looked pretty good for a corpse that had just been trampled by hundreds of wildebeests.  So, it's no surprise that they glossed over some fun facts in this old film about "The Story of Menstruation." 

Don't get me started on the narrator's pronunciation.  She probably says "Febuary" too.  Some of my favorite parts are:
"If the egg is impregnated, which happens when..." Yes? "...a woman is going to have a child."  Awww, way to just skip over HOW the egg is impregnated.  Keep those girls ignorant.

" most girls, the menstrual period should bring no severe discomfort."  BULLSHIT!! 

"Some girls have a little less pep..." (or never want to get out of bed) "...the feeling of pressure in the lower part of the body, perhaps an occasional twinge or a touch of nerves."  Really???  Pressure in the lower part of the body?  an occasional twinge??  Well, Bite me, Disney and Kotex, because I'm feeling a whole lot more than pressure and twinges today.  

If you can't tell, I'm feeling a little, how does The Bloggess put it? Stabby?  I'd best hide away until the Pamprin kicks in.  

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