Monday, October 16, 2006

Dear Powers That Be

Dear Powers That Be:
I'm bored. My life doesn't have enough stress, enough agony. My only crises of late have been dropped stitches. What can you do for me?
Silly Me

Dear Silly:
How about we have your oil pressure light start blinking and emitting a piercing alarm when you're four levels deep in a parking garage, on the one day you're wearing a skirt and pumps, and just for kicks, five blocks away from the nearest store that might sell automotive supplies?
Love ya, mean it;

Yep, that's how I spent my day. And word to the wise--check the manual before buying oil because you will inevitably end up with the wrong viscosity grade and have to walk back down to Broadway and 5th to exchange the 10w-30 for the 5w-30, even though you don't know the difference. Let me tell you folks, that hill up 5th to the library is not for the out of shape.

Once the car was okay, I attempted once again to get a computer at the library. This time I actually went on the library site and reserved a computer--good ole Soc 2 on lower level three. I reserved it from 3:00 to 4:00. I waited patiently. However, the hermit crab already using it was not budging. Now, sure, I could have been little miss bossy (who? me??) but it's the library and you have to be quiet. It's hard to muster a fuss when you're whispering. Plus, I'd had it! My poor, fat legs were wobbly from lugging my cookies up and down 5th Street and I decided to just call it a day. I can always get to school early and hop on one of those computers (which is exactly where I am now). And truth be told, the skirt I was wearing was wool and ITCHY!!! Oh My God, I could not wait to get out of it. Whoever heard of not lining a wool skirt? Well, apparently, those purveyors of fine apparel at Wal-mart.

Confidential to my knittas: I'm only up to the mouth of my Halloween mask and already it's giving me nightmares. Yikes!


Sachi said...

Oh. Not a good day. :-\ I can't wait to see pics of your Halloweeny stuff!!!!!

miss kendra said...

i'll kill that jerk.

the computer jerk and the no lining jerk.