Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My Neighbor, The Nerkel*

Dear Neighbor,
Christmas was a full three months ago. It wasn't bad enough that you waited until December 20th to decorate your half of the duplex, or that you strung blue lights around the entire porch without consulting anyone. But, while you were Johnny-on-the-spot in dumping your Christmas tree on the curb where it sat forever, you seem to have forgotten to remove your Holiday tribute to the Olympic games. You have until April 6th--Good Friday--to correct this situation, or find your wreaths festooned with Easter eggs.

Sick of looking at your crap

*Sniglet(++) meaning "person who leaves Christmas decorations up all year long."
++ A Sniglet is a word that's not in the dictionary but should be. Remember Rich Hall on SNL? Ah, Rich Hall.

PS...you should open the picture up. I really did a number on some eggs. Okay, three eggs. The rest I just kind of phoned in.


Ellen Bloom said...

Ha! Love those eggs! Very festive. Maybe your neighbor is an evergreen fan and wants that piney goodness all year round!?!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, crap! I love those eggs! So glad you recommended opening the pic, or I would have missed them entirely!

:) Look at Mz. Elleblo commenting on Evergreen. Oh, sorry - I was thinking EverCLEAR (both the band and the grain alcohol, thereby attributing inappropriate qualities to Ms. E). Nevermind.

Sad thing? I would love to live in that duplex. It looks loverly.

Frank said...

I love the Laverne L... Or is that the Laurie Ann L?