Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Street cleaning day

I was driving to work today lamenting the fact that I'd have to go on a coffee run for the directors' meeting at 9:30 and lose my space in the parking lot, leaving me to circle the three blocks around my office looking for an open spot on the side of the street that isn't being cleaned. Sigh.
So, there I am, cruising along at 30 miles an hour--practically speeding on the 101, when suddenly we all came to a dead stop. Up ahead I could see flashing lights and a highway worker truck.
"Hmmm, " I said to myself, "there wasn't construction here yesterday. Maybe it's an accident. I do see a police car."
Ten minutes later, as I inched past, what did I see? A mangled car? The end of a high-speed chase? An alien spacecraft? No.
It was a STREET CLEANER!!!! Are you kidding me with this? A street cleaner??? On the freeway??? During morning rush hour??? Isn't that what community service is for???

At least I found street parking after only two trips around the block.

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miss kendra said...

oh dear. that's just the sort of thing that could cause a "falling down" moment.