Saturday, November 10, 2007

Crappy Day; Great Mail

Friday was a bad day. We had an important but loooonggg meeting first thing in the morning and after I got out, it seemed like everything just went fast forward. Then I had a mini-meltdown in my office (someone moved my cheese) and didn't eat until after 3pm. VW hadn't called yet about my car. I had to help with an event on Saturday in Santa Monica, which meant calculating a commute, and I was just not a pleasant person. Then, I came home and found packages!!! For me!!
The first was my Harry Potter sock kit from Caren! It's great!!
Sunflowers! I love sunflowers. And look--Coffee and Candy!

mmm...Candy Corn...chocolate...(drool).

There's Berroca yarn, Brittany needles and Bunny Hop socks pattern. The stitch markers are great and Caren included a ball of yarn keychain.

The keychain was hard to photograph, but trust me, it's adorable.

And, as if that wasn't enough, I received a copy of Charmed Knits for my excellent snitch catching skills. I was sufficiently cheered up.
Thanks, Caren! Thanks D. Hallin of Minneapolis!

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Gnat said...

What a great package!! I love the sunflowers.