Friday, November 16, 2007

I love when this happens

Today I had one of those days. Not one of those days, but a day when things went well. Really well. I had a meeting today and the following things happened:
  • Coffee Bean had my Java-to-go packs ready well ahead of my reservation time and I was able to get an early start.
  • I got to the meeting place early and remembered to make signs for the parking area indicating that this is the place for our particular meeting.
  • The guy in charge was there early enough so that I could get the refreshments set up and have a leisurely cup of coffee.
  • I remembered to bring everything I had to bring for the meeting.
  • Jamie ran smoothly despite my paranoia that every little noise signals her imminent demise.
  • I forgot to get gas but had enough to make it to the meeting and then to the gas station afterward.
  • I pulled a Hail Mary play and righted several wrongs ('cause I'm a dumbass) that I had made.
I got a Thanksgiving card from my mom today. No guilt, just good tidings. Phew!

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