Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Jamie is kicking my ass.

I called my mechanic to check on the car. It seems Jamie keeps blowing out the same spark plug coil, so he did a diagnostics check to see what was causing this. Mr. VW told me that my engine isn't combusting properly or something or other which will necessitate an engine overhaul or a new/used engine or something. Frankly, my mind when blank after the following conversation took place.

Me: Well, how much will that cost?
Mr. VW: (mumblemumble 15 mumblemumble times mumblemumble) 4350
Me: Is there a decimal in there somewhere?
Mr. VW (chuckle) No, I'm afraid not.

Clearly, I can't afford to pay Four THOUSAND dollars to repair my car. We decided to just replace the spark plug for now, even though it'll blow again in a few months, and in the meantime, I will look into dumping Jamie on some unsuspecting used car lot and getting a new vehicle. Shhhh...don't tell Jamie. I need her to last as long as possible.


miss kendra said...

i won't tell... i know it's difficult, but sometimes you've got to let your loved one go.

Funky Muffins said...

That sucks very very much. The hassle of selling and buying a car alone is overwhelming. Yeesh.

It's hard to let cars go. I know. I hate to admit it, but Jamie seems like she's been the friend in high school who's always got something going on, always bumming money, always bailing on you. I'm not saying she's using you, or that she's a bad person. She tries, she really does. She just can't get her shit together.

Also, I don't know if it's just my computer, but your font displays the 0 in 4350 smaller than the rest of the digits, making me think: Four hundred and thirty five degrees? That's pretty hot.

Of course, I thought there was going to be a good mixed units joke coming, but sadly, I was mistaken.

Tina said...

HOLY SHIT is right!!!