Thursday, November 08, 2007

Oh, I'm sorry. Did I say nothing was happening?

Son of a BITCH!!!! I was literally turning into the driveway at The Farmer's Market for my weekly Stitch N Bitch when Jamie, my cranky car, decides to buck and snort and--oh yes--flash me the check engine light. I knew what it was immediately because it happened before here and here. I nearly ran over pedestrians passing through The Grove only to have some asshat sit at the stop sign waiting for a message from God to tell him to move. MOVE! Finally, he moved, I turned left, paused at the first stop sign, paused at the red light at Fairfax, zipped up to Beverly and pulled over at the first parking meter on Beverly I could find (at Gennessee). AAA sent a tow truck, but he couldn't take me downtown with his truck because of the traffic (Don't worry; I don't get it either). He said I had to wait for the flatbed. "How long will that be?" I asked innocently. "About an hour." WHAT??? An hour??? Then Jerky McJerkinson tells me that I have the basic membership which only covers 7 miles. It's 9 miles to VW of Downtown at $9 for every extra mile over 7. I have $19 in my checking account. Nine times two is, let me see...gonna leave me with one freakin' dollar in my account. Fortunately, Junior, the flatbed driver, didn't charge me the extra miles. I should think not considering I had to wait so long. Oh, and the dealership closes at 9:00. Junior got me there in 25 minutes. Good job, Junior!

The gal at the dealership told me they were completely booked tomorrow and Saturday, so they may not even get to it until Monday or Tuesday. This sucks much because I have an event on Saturday--in Santa Monica. CRAP!!!! They'd better fix it free again. Why is Jamie doing this to me?


Annika said...

Oh no! Poor Jamie. She's having a bad run of it lately. Let me know if you need a lift.

miss kendra said...

ack! i think you should consider trading jamie in for a less persnickety mode of transport.