Monday, September 01, 2008

It's Laundry Day!

Holidays are the perfect day to do laundry. No kids, lots of empty washers, plenty of dryers, tons of parking...ah, I love it. Know what else I love? Single folks like me come out to do their washing. I love watching single men do laundry. It's always entertaining. Today's fool used the big washers (at $3.50 a pop) to do single loads. Look at all that wasted space. These washers are meant for 4 loads. And look at how much detergent he used.That is far too much soap for a single load. My washer is on the end. Jam packed to make use of the four load washer capacity. Oh, and he put the fabric softener in during the wash cycle. Doesn't he realize that all the softener will just wash out? Fool. Here's one more in which he used the bigger FIVE load washer (at $4.50) to wash a single load of whites.
It's as if he didn't want to venture further into the laundromat than he had to so he just picked the first machines he came to and these are just inside the doors. It boggles the mind why a person would want to spend $11.50 as opposed to $3.75 but I guess that's his business.

Close encounter with Frau today. It was 10am and I thought to myself, "I'd better trot downstairs with the rent check before the Frau comes a-knocking." I planned to sneak it into the rent box and run back upstairs but--Dang--there she was collecting the checks already. Crimony lady, it's a holiday. Fortunately, she was preoccupied with a man who I am assuming is moving in next door to me since nutty Lori is moving out. I can't remember when a tenant lasted a year in that apartment. Maybe it's cursed. Maybe they just can't handle the gnomes. Wimps.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, laundry on holi-days is the best. I would have gotten to it today. But still recovering from a 6 hour trip home from the Bay area. Sending hubby tomorrow instead.hee