Monday, February 23, 2009

Clearly, I'm not alone

In today's Site Meter report, roughly half the new visitors to my blog were brought here by searching some variation on the theme "T-mobile, 11 bulldogs named Steve." Obviously, I am not the only one who finds it questionable.

I remembered the other commercial that bugs me. It's the soup one with the wide-eyed blonde reading the label and stumbling over "monosodium glutamate." Did they hire a remedial student? "glu...gluta..mate?" Seriously? It's annoying.

In other news, I stopped at Stitch Cafe last weekend and found yarn for that confounded hat project and on a whim I grabbed some Noro Silk Garden to make that striped scarf that everyone has made. My grab was fortuitous as the colors look really great together, but Oh My God, this scarf never ends. The scarf is almost as long as my armspan and I still have yarn left on the first two balls and have two more balls of yarn to work. I started this to have something mindless to knit while on the go. Who knew it would take over my life.
Also, because I have so much time to do this, I'm learning how to play the guitar. So far, I can play the A, D, and E chords (mostly) without looking but not fast and not with any kind of meaning. Soon I will take real lessons from a real-life teacher but for now, Walt Ribeiro (dot net) is my best friend.


Ellen Bloom said...

Your Noro scarf looks fantastic. I'm on my third one. I just love how the colors synch-up!

Ooooo...A, D and E are excellent blues chords. Shall we book seats now for your shows at McCabe's?

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Oh, *snap*!!! A LaurieAnn/Ellen duet!!! I am SO there!

woolanthropy said...

The scarf is a winner. I just got some Noro to start one for myself. Hot diggity!