Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Hey Chick, where's my 68 cents?

I received my check today from the County Controller for doing my civic duty. If you're one of those who conveniently loses your jury summons, you get $15 a day (not paid for the first day, which is a total rip-off because you still have to go and spend your 8 hours or whatever waiting), and 34 cents a mile, also beginning the second day, as determined by Mapquest or some chart that they have in the Controller's office. They also give you the choice of saying, "Hey, I'll take Metro* instead of a mileage check please," and they'll hook you up with a weekly transit pass--a whole week even if you only have to be there for a day or two. All of this is well and good as my job also paid me so it's like, "woo hoo, Bonus!" Then I looked at the check stub.

They paid mileage as if I went to the courthouse downtown, which I did on the first day. However, the jury jugglers then sent me off to East Bumblefark for the Mental Health Court. Downtown is close to Hollywood; East Bumblefark not so much. So my mileage should have been for 9 miles instead of 7 miles. Oh, Laura Chick, you rascally rabbit. You'll save money for this county anywhere you can. You thought no one would notice, huh. Well, you haven't met me.

Fine, keep that 68 cents and spend it on something worthwhile, like after school programs or summer recreation facilities for working families ala the city's Summer Night Lights program. More and more schools in LA are going traditional (versus year-round) and those kids will need something to do while Mom and Dad are working. Just remember, I'm watching you...

For the record, I would have gladly given up my mileage for a transit pass but you have to decide when you're at the downtown courthouse and only after you've been seated on a panel (jury). Well, I didn't know where the Mental Health court was or whether or not the bus went out there until after I got home the first day. So there, Laura.


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East Bumblefark is so much worse than regular Bumblefark.