Sunday, February 01, 2009

Where have all the good yarns gone?

I woke up Saturday ready to start come new projects so I headed out to Michael's in Burbank. Michael's yarn department sucks. I could not find all the colors I needed in the same brand of yarn. I was able to pick up yarn for one hat but I needed more. So I did it--I went to Unwind the day BEFORE the big sale. I was hard pressed to find what I needed there, too. Where is all the good yarn? Do I have to order online? If I weren't so afraid Jamie's wheels would pop off, I'd have gone to Santa Monica but alas, I did not.

Well, I'll start Anne's hat and shop elsewhere for yarn for Chris and Jackson's hats. Any suggestions?


Annika said...

Stitch Cafe on Magnolia and Whitsett has Cascade 220, regular and superwash. I can't imagine a color you'd need that they don't make.

I also like the place at 3rd and Crescent (the name totally escapes me) but I don't know if you'll find anything as cheap as Cascade.

Ellen Bloom said...

Whaddya need? I've got a garage-full o' stuff. If it's just a skein here and there, I'd be happy to give you a deal!

woolanthropy said...

Ellen's backyard yarn bonanza is open for wheeling and dealing. She has the best stock around.

But I second the Stitch Cafe for the awesome selection of Cascade 220.