Saturday, March 20, 2010

Kind of like watching paint dry, but with moments of activity

It all started when one of my regular commenters, MamaMouseIAm, left a link to this bear cam. It's a camera in a bear den. Sounds kind of dull, right? But it's so addictive. The cubs--Oh my God, the cuteness! And there's sound so you can hear them make little sleepy baby noises. So, I watched the bears for a bit and then clicked other links to discover there are other cams. One in the Pennsylvania woods (not near my hometown) where you can see deer, fox and raccoons on a regular basis. So, I ended up watching a deer eat for, like, ten minutes. Read that again...I WATCHED A DEER EAT FOR TEN MINUTES. How bored does one need to be to do that? And I wasn't bored. I was at work (no, no I wasn't. You didn't see that).

So, today, I was watching my friends Will and Nina on their weekly Ustream show Bethemarriage,(Saturdays at 5pm), and when it ended, I saw the recommended feeds on the front page--The Owl Box. Yes, it's a camera in an owl's nest. Her name is Molly and her eggs are about to hatch any day now. There are five of them and they will hatch in the order they were laid, so all this week. I was following along with the comments and they were all talking about McGee. Who's McGee? McGee is the father who shows up every night around 7:30-8:00 to get a little lovin' and drop off a dead thing for dinner. So, yeah, I watched an owl moving around on her eggs for an hour just to see the mate show up, drop off a mouse, get some, and leave. And you know what? It really was exciting. Molly had taken a few minutes to fly off and stretch her wings (and probably go potty) and McGee showed up while she was out. It looked like he was going to stomp on one of the eggs but fortunately, Molly came back and distracted him with her feminine charms. Oh! and when she left the nest? At least five or six of us in the chat swore we saw one of the eggs moving.

So, what did you do on your Saturday night? I really need a life.

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Anne-Marie said...

OMG the baby bear is adorable!
My Saturday night - I got unintentionally drunk in the local pub and it ruined my Sunday morning because I had to go back to bed at least twice. My Sunday night is going to involved seafood curry and a pub quiz