Monday, March 01, 2010

My wonderful Sister-in-Law

My brother Roy is married to an incredible woman. Evelyn is a no-nonsense gal and she's a lot of fun. She managed to wrangle a houseful of guests without losing it, which is more than I can say for myself. One of my favorite things about Evelyn is her artistic nature. She takes whimsical to the extreme. Here is a sample of things Evie has made:
This is a gargoyle Ev made for me when I lived in Pennsyltucky. It had a tongue sticking out but that broke off in the move to LA.Here's another stone piece from the same period, along with this,the most awesome, yet kind of creepy, Welcome sign ever.This is the chandelier in the dining room. It's loaded with beads, and ornaments and tiny little treasures, like an itty bitty Salvation Army bell (left side, by the toe of the gold boot). This is where that thing that looks like a bong in yesterday's post is hanging. I love it, even though everyone ended up walking into it at least once.
Does this plant hanger look like something else? It's an overhead light cover that Ev tinted with paint and made into a planter. Pretty cool, no?
Okay, she had some help with this one, but I think it's one of her best works.

Thank you, Evelyn, for being a part of our family. We love you!

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