Saturday, January 15, 2011

A Cautionary Tale for Knitters Everywhere

I started a pair of convertible gloves last January. They were to have a flap attached that makes them convert into mittens. The pattern looked easy and I was in need of some tipless gloves. I started and got to just before the fingers start, and then things happened. I put them aside. Actually, I carried the project around for a while , then put them aside. But, as previously mentioned, I'm in a fingerless glove knitting kick and decided to finish them. Here they are:

Right glove:
Left glove:
Now, if you know anything about knitting, or if you have eyes and some idea of scale, you may be thinking to yourself, "hmmm, something's a little off. They don't seem like the same size."

and you would be absolutely right.
They're like big sister and little sister. You can tell they're in the same family, but not quite a pair. I've learned a valuable lesson--If you're making a matching pair of something, make them one after the other and jot down notes. Otherwise...

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