Thursday, January 27, 2011

I.M. Smart

Do you ever surprise yourself with how smart you are?

I do, all the time. Now, I know that for the most part I'm a fairly intelligent woman, but I don't always give myself credit. You see, I have so many smart friends and acquaintances that I just don't think I compare. They've done things. They've been places. They speak so much more eloquently than I do. I'm probably selling myself short, but I often just sit in a corner and feel dumb.

But not this week, no sirree. I'm solving crises left and right over here. And I just solved a great mystery involving years of billing invoices, matching product to paperwork, FINDING the product to begin with and many other things that have, until now, been unsolvable. I looked at the puzzle, put two and two together and came up with "Ta Da!" I felt like a genius being the one to figure it all out.

Then, I was asked by no less than three people to define a word I used in casual conversation, which truth be told made me feel a little pretentious, but they weren't big words, folks.

I know, it's not quantum physics, but I'll take my little victories where I can get them.

1 comment:

San Diego Momma said...

Look, I've tried to figure out invoice crap and match products to serial numbers and yada yada and may I say? I am most impressed.

Not easy.

Plus, look at you saying the big words!

GO L Go!