Monday, January 03, 2011

Too Many Awesome Quotes to Choose a Title

After an uneventful New Year's Eve and Day, I woke up yesterday with two very odd maladies. My eyes were swollen nearly shut as if I'd been sobbing all night, or as if I'd been near a horse, neither of which occurred as far as I know. And, I woke up with the film Point Break playing in my head. Not just a scene, although I think it started with a scene, but the whole movie just kind of snowballed and as much as I tried to stop it by reading or playing Word Mole on my phone, I couldn't. I played it out in my head until that last rain-soaked confrontation at Bell's Beach.

I think it started with someone working on their car outside. It was powerful loud and they kept revving it and shouting. I couldn't hear anything but the car revving. In my head, this must have translated to that scene in which Johnny, Angelo, and company are about to bust that house where they think the Ex-Presidents live but it's really those drug dealers. You know, just before Anthony Kiedis shoots his foot. Now don't y'all sit there and pretend you haven't seen Point Break enough times to know exactly which scene I'm talking about. Johnny is trying to radio the guys at the back about the guns and the one guy says, "I can't hear jack shit over that lawn mower." Yeah, so I think that's what started it. I couldn't hear jack shit over that car revving.
I do love me some Point Break, though. Bad dialog, day-for-night surfing scene with the very visible sun, implausible chase scenes, Keanu's ridiculously tight jeans--love it.

As for the swollen eyes? I think I had an allergic reaction to some old mascara. They started burning the night before while I was at my friend's house, and were swollen to Elephant Man proportions come Sunday morning. I'm not wearing makeup today in hopes that the puffiness will go down.

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