Thursday, January 13, 2011

Got cold hands? Need fingerless gloves?

I'm on a fingerless--well, technically, tipless--gloves kick these days. It started Christmas Day when Jaclyn's mom requested that her daughter knit her a pair. Jaclyn was afraid, but I assured her that there's nothing to it and that she most certainly had the skills, plus I would guide her every step of the way. So, when I got home, I looked up a mess of patterns on Ravelry. I found one that was particularly intriguing with a sideways knit row (it's called a lateral braid). I had to learn how to do this amazing trick. And so, I cast on.Pay no attention to the corpse hands I borrowed to model them for the photograph.

Anyway, with this pair finished and in the mail to my lovely sister-in-law (Hi Evie!), I looked around for yarn to cast on along with Jaclyn, so that I could show her side-by-side. Turns out, she didn't need it. That Jaclyn took to double pointed needles like a duck to water. And size 2, mind you! So, I finished up a glove I started last winter, and am almost done with the second glove. THEN, I'm going to cast on for the same gloves that Jaclyn's making, mainly to help her, but also because I like the pattern (Hooray for me gloves).

So, with all these gloves going on, I ask you--Do you need some fingerless gloves? Let me know. I'll make you a pair.

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