Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Consistency, people.

I was watching "The Patty Duke Show" last night. Cathy, the identical cousin, was tutoring some star athlete named Elliot, aka "Stretch." Stretch has to pass his history exam or he can't play in the big Basketball tournament. Basketball--you'd expect that from a fellow named Stretch, right? So, Cathy is tutoring and trying to help him remember things and Stretch is all, "It's no use. I'm just stupid." Cathy says, "No, you're not. You remember all those plays." So Stretch gets some paper and shows her how each play has a number and he just remembers the numbers and the moves that go with it. Cathy gets the brilliant idea to make historical facts like his playbook and they're off.
[bear with me; I'm coming to my point]
When they show Patty their progress, Cathy says to Stretch, "#77, Hut." He gives her the answer. Then she calls another number followed by "hut." Now, I'm not the most sports minded gal, but isn't "hut" usually associated with football? And then, when they're done showing Patty and everyone is impressed, Stretch says, "That's great here, but who's going to quarterback for me during the test?" Pick a sport!
Oh, and this isn't really a consistency thing, just a moral one. When Mr. Lane asks Cathy if she was helping Stretch cheat, she says no, she's just helping him remember the facts--by telling him which facts to remember. That's still cheating in my book. Shame on you, Cathy.

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