Monday, May 23, 2011

Check it (I'm so ready for some Hockey trivia)

I love hockey! I forget how much I love it because I don't have cable and the networks really only show hockey games during Stanley Cup Playoffs. I think hockey players are some of the best athletes around. They are on the move constantly for three periods--on skates!--with sticks chasing a tiny puck. Yes, a football field is larger, but those guys take an hour to get 50 yards down the field. Sure, basketball players are on the move constantly, but they're 8 feet tall, so it's pretty much three steps from one basket to the next.* So, yeah, moving the whole time, on skates, backwards at times, with sticks, and all that equipment, getting smashed into the glass, and occasionally duking it out--on skates! I love hockey!

So, I've watched quite a bit of hockey lately. None of my favorite teams (yes, more than one; no, not the Kings) have made it to this last stretch before the finals, so I'm hoping for a Bruins/ Canucks match-up for the cup, with the Canucks taking it all. I know, not very American of me, but they have the twins! and Roberto Luongo! and they don't have these guys!
Seriously, San Jose. What's the story with those guys? Creepy!

In between watching the games and knitting my sister-in-law's birthday gift, I was looking up stats on the teams playing. Really this started because I noticed gray in the beard of Dwayne Roloson, the goalie for the Tampa Bay Lightning and wondered, "dang, how old is that guy?**" which led to "How old is the oldest player in the NHL right now?***" And so many other stats and tidbits that I'm so hoping there's a hockey question at trivia tonight. Please ask me who's won the Stanley Cup the most. Or who holds the cup right now. Or what's a Gordie Howe Hat Trick. I'm ready.

Go Canucks!!

* Don't hate; I like football and basketball, too.
**He's 41
*** Mark Recchi, 43, Boston Bruins.

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Ellen Bloom said...

There's not a lot of ice in L.A., so I didn't grow up with hockey. Hockey is almost as fun to watch as light-weight boxing bouts! Oh...I remember the boxing at the Olympic Auditorium...back in the day. I've only been to a few hockey games at the world famous Sports Arena...which is threatened with demolition, by the way. Have fun tonight!