Friday, May 06, 2011

So this happened...

When I turned the corner onto my street last night, this is what greeted me. That is a branch...a very large branch from one of the very large magnolia trees in front of my house. That is not in front of my house, though, as some He-man dragged it down the street to where the trash cans usually sit. The branch is the length (at least) of the two large pick-up trucks that are usually parked there. Can you see the tree behind the branch? No? That's because that branch is bigger than an actual tree!!
Please to be admiring the gaping wound on the poor old tree. That tree IS right in front of my house. Do you know what I noticed? It blocked a lot of light. Like, A LOT of light. It was kind of bright in my bedroom last night. Also note that this is right above a parking space, which was fortunately unoccupied when the break occurred (according to the runner-up for nosiest neighbor--Smoking Man*).

Other things to notice in this photo:
  1. The fool who parked his car UNDER the trees AFTER the bough broke. I guess he's going with the "lightning doesn't strike twice..."theory.
  2. There's an apartment for rent. Who wants to live near me at Frau Gardens? The shower doesn't work properly and the roof leaks, but the cast of characters is entertainment at its finest.

*You haven't heard about Smoking Man yet, but you will.

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