Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Finally, someone recognizes the genius of creative answers

Math has never been my strong point. I need a calculator for even simple addition. If I use paper, I physically have to "carry the one" on paper in order to add it. The only reason I know my multiplication tables is by singing the "Schoolhouse Rock" songs ("Three is a Magic Number" is playing in my head right now).

One day in the third grade, we were taking a test on multiplication. I hadn't studied and clearly hadn't memorized the three song yet, because for the problem 3 x 3 =______ , I answered "Chow chow chow." To be fair, the Purina Cat Chow ad was new back then and I do love me some commercials. Sister Cornelius was less then entertained by my answer and I was the laughing stock of my class, as well as a perpetual joke in the family (chow chow chow is always the go-to answer).

But no more, I say! My friends over at the most awesome website ThinkGeek have this little number for sale!
It's a book that celebrates creatively wrong answers. I have found my tribe. Like this one:

To all of you who have been faced with a daunting exam paper, realized you were screwed, and made the most of it anyway--I salute you! Mrs. Higgins (10th grade, Algebra II)--I take back the apology for the letter I wrote instead of answering the questions on my mid-term. You should have framed it instead. I'm sure it was some of my best work.


Anne-Marie said...

Firstly, I love this book. Second, ever since bloglines did its thing I had lost your blog :( Found it now though. Will attempt to add it to the new rss thing that I hate

Larry K said...

A friend of mine in high geography gave this answer to "what did Columbus name his first landfall" with "Tierra! Tierra!" The teacher DID write "nice try."