Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Crash course in sports; or How We Plan to Win the Trivia Tournament

I jinxed us. I was so amped up on hockey, that I neglected to bone up on the other four major sports. Despite having taken several sports quizzes on Sporcle, I was ill-prepared for the question "at which stadium do the Milwaukee Brewers play." We batted it about among the team (3 lovely ladies) and came up with the wrong answer. Sadly, Criss actually got it right but we voted that one down. I should really start listening to her; this is the second time she was right and I didn't listen.

We did manage to ace the round in which we had to name 9 of the 10 NFL teams whose helmets have some sort of lettering on them. Okay, we missed one, but we did have the right answer to begin with and then second-guessed ourselves. We really have to stop doing that. So, I'm setting out to become a sports expert. It won't be easy. If you have any handy mnemonic devices for remembering sports trivia, send them my way.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Keep NBC's Fred Roggin on speed-dial!