Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Damn you, Mercury, with your retrograde and shit

I manage our website at work.  I didn't design it, mind you; that's the work of our brilliant designer, Andrew.  However, I update the content, and I, along with Andrew, decided to move it to a different web host, since our old host had us on a shared server and it slowed down our revolving banner.  All of this is scintillating, I know.  Our contract with the old host ends next week anyway, so it was a great time to move.  All of this became moot when something happened at the old host and our website went away.  No, really, it just disappeared.  All kinds of error mumbo jumbo showed up and the talented Andrew, along with our other talented tech folk, started working like fiends to get it back up.  It's been a week and finally, they got the new site (updated and fancier) launched on the new server...except maybe not.  I can't get it to pull up on my computer.  Neither can the boss.  Neither can her colleagues, which makes my world a not-so-pleasant place.  

So, Andrew was here to show me how to update the pretty new site with a pretty new back end (hee hee...I said back end), and HE was unable to get the new site to come up on my computer.  We pulled it up on other  computers in the company, but not mine and not the boss's.  Rats!  We cleared my cache, deleted cookies, and now they are doing a disk cleanup.  Still nothing.  

Then I got a call from a woman who told me something about Mercury in retrograde and it all became perfectly clear.  For those of you who aren't nodding your heads and saying, "Ohhh, yeah," here's why:

"Since Mercury rules communication, it's said that everything goes haywire in that area -- emails get deleted or bounced back, mail is returned, calls go out into the ethers, etc. Some people find that their computers go on the fritz or phone lines go down."

And now you know. Unfortunately, it will be in retrograde until August 26th, so don't buy any electronics, get a haircut, pick a fight, or say anything that could be misconstrued until after the 26th. Not too hard, right?

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