Saturday, August 13, 2011

Google doesn't let friends drunk email. Way to be looking out, Google.

It's late, I know.  Technically, this is my August 12th post even though it's after Midnight. 

I was emailing my sister (Hi Katie!) and I hit the send button, when suddenly a window popped up.  It said something about it being "that time of day" and asked me to complete some simple math problems in 60 seconds before it would send my email.   Now, I'm sure Google is filled with a bunch of super smart folks who think it's easy to subtract 26 from 77 at 1:00am.  But, me?  I can't do that in my head at 1:00PM, let alone at this hour, when I'm tired and I've been crying (more on that another time). 

I appreciate you looking out for me, Google.  Next time, though, can you make the simple math even simpler? 

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