Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The really important things we discuss at work

On the phone with my boss, who suggested I take lead on yet another project, I said, "If you give me any more projects you're going to find me at the bottom of a bottle."  To which she replied, "Like a genie?"  Then our discussion devolved into truly important things like:

  1. Where did Jeannie pee?*  I mean, she was stuck in that bottle with nothing but a round sofa.(although we both agreed that as children we totally wanted a bedroom like the inside of her bottle)
  2. Where did she sleep?** I can't imagine the back pain one would wake up with having slept on that curved sofa all night.
  3. What did Jeannie eat that whole time she was stuck in the bottle before Major Nelson found her?***
  4. And why were the evil cousins on TV back then always brunettes? (I'm looking at you,too, Bewitched) Brunettes are not evil.
Yes, these are the things my boss and I talk about instead of work.****  What do you talk about with your boss?

*We decided she must have had a small bathroom on the side of the bottle we never saw.
**It must have been a sofa bed, which led to "how did she find sheets to fit?"
***She's a genie. She could blink in food. (which led to why couldn't she blink herself out)
****Yesterday, we talked about spam, Viagra, and the "enlarge your manhood" ads.

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