Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another year, Another opportunity missed

First, let me just quote an email from Bossman on Monday, after he specifically told me on Friday that he wasn't coming in and neither should I. "are you in?" Seriously.

So, this was the first year in several that I wasn't at the theater on New Year's Eve. I should have called to see what was happening? Was anyone there? Was there drinks to be had? No, instead I sat like a lump on the sofa trying desperately to find something decent on TV, then falling asleep with my knitting in my lap. Am I 80? Good God, save me from myself.

I'm blaming the rainy weather and PMS for my lethargy. I'm hoping the new year and the sunshine will lighten my mood.
Here are some things I would like to do this year (but don't call them resolutions because that sounds so, well, resolute).
  • Save money. Aside from a trip I plan to take, I have additional expenses now and I need to stop spending frivolously. With two "three-check" months this year, I plan to put at least one whole paycheck away in my super-secret savings account.
  • Move into an apartment that has heat, laundry facilities on the premises, a landlord/building manager who isn't a pain to deal with.
  • Get a pet. Yes, I have allergies, but I've always had allergies and I've spent my life with pets. The only reason I didn't have them here was because I worked two jobs. I don't now, so maybe a kitten? Dare I dream for a pooch? Hell, I'd settle for a guinea pig. (I promise I won't kill it this time)
  • Go out and meet new friends. I love my boys but let's face it, I'm older than all of them, girlfriends don't trust the single, old, chubster hanging around, and it's not like we do a lot anyway. I will join something. I will make things happen.
  • See some live shows. I haven't seen a band live in, well, I can't tell you how long. I work in the music industry. You'd think I'd at least see a band now and then. (like the Neighborhood Bullies, with that cute fella who keeps giving me fliers and asking me to come).
  • Send birthday gifts on time. My poor nieces and nephews have been so patient for so long.
  • Eat better and that's all I'm saying.
  • Spend my birthday with friends or family or someone I love, but certainly not alone. (it's Thanksgiving this year, too)
  • Ditto for Christmas
  • Have someone to kiss next New Year's Eve

So, that's it for me. How about you?


Tina said...

Hey! You've met lots of new friends that aren't boys! BAH!!!

Laurie Ann said...

You know I love you ladies too.