Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy Birthday Kathleen Marie Joan

Today is my beloved sister's birthday. My Katie. Beautiful, funny, talented, wonderful Katie.
My sister who left her crayons in my reach when I was three so I could draw a masterpiece on our bedroom wall in the middle of the night.
My sister who grudgingly got up every night to turn on the bathroom light for me because I a-scared of the dark.
My sister who would tell me happy things after I had a nightmare until I fell asleep.
My sister whose Cootie Face could send the bravest souls running for their mamas.
My sister who loves to play with my hair.
My sister would beg me to draw on her back until she fell asleep.
My sister who giggled in the dark with me until Mom would shout "GIRLS!".
My sister who cooked lunch for us every Saturday when Mom had to work.
My sister who was always on my side against "The Boys" (aka our brothers).
My sister who was infinitely cooler than me because she wore Candies with her school uniform until that beyotch who's name I can't remember fell down the stairs and got shoes with heels banned from our school.
My sister who still speaks to me even though I stretched out her sweaters, drew on her Barbies, borrowed her jeans without asking, never cleaned our room, cried ever time she trimmed my hair, and so many more little sister things.
My sister who is soooooo pretty and fashionable.
My sister who defended me when Don Bauer implied I wasn't pretty.
My sister who stopped Michael O'Neill from going farther up my thigh at Brenda's wedding.
My sister who picked ME to be her Maid of Honor.
My sister who made me the proud Aunt of three of the most gorgeous kids ever.
My sister who's not afraid to throw her head back in a good laugh.
My sister who gets my random references without having to have them explained.
My sister. My Katie. I love you more than words.
Happy Birthday!

Kate (left) and Me


Kate Jefferson said...

Right back atcha sister o'mine. Thanks for making me sound so good! Only you know and I know! xoxoxox Kate

Tom said...

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Faith said...

This is beautiful. Thanks.