Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Just Random Shit

On the Big Spin this past Saturday (no, I don't have a life, thank you very much), a woman from Downey was asked what she did for a living. "I'm a libarian". Yes, she said lie-berry-an. I feel sad for the kids, really.

Warning in the booklet enclosed in my new hair straightening iron--"Ceramic plates are hot. Contact with skin or eyes could cause injury." In what context would you be putting a straightening iron on your eyes? Did some fool try to straighten her eyelashes? Oh, and then there's the usual "Do not use while sleeping."

The Book of Daniel was cancelled after three episodes. The disclaimer on Friday (see above comment about lack of life) said "Book of Daniel can be seen in its entirety on NBC.com. Now here's Law & Order". It was as if they were trying to placate us. "Don't cry...here's your Law & Order" I actually kind of liked Book of Daniel, even if it was a little heavy handed sometimes. I guess even Jesus can't save a show.

Mr. Grassie can't spellie.

On sale at Ralphs--Old Yeller Dog Food. Um, didn't Old Yeller have to be put down because of rabies? Is he really the best dog to name food after? Was Rin Tin Tin or Lassie already taken? What about Benji? Everyone loves Benji.

Dumb Parents--The big news item on Sunday was this 20-year-old mother who left her three-month-old son with a sitter whom she only knew as "Denise". What a surprise when "Denise" took off with her kid. The young mom, when asked about why she left her son with someone whose last name she didn't even know, said "I told her 'you better not hurt my baby. When I come back, nuthin better be wrong with him'". Yeah, if you have to warn the sitter, she's probably not the best person to be caring for your child. So, finally, Denise got tired of the baby and approached police officers saying "I've been babysitting this kid since yesterday and I'm tired of him". After mother and child were reunited, the idiot mom had this to say "my stomach don't hurt no more." Huh? At no point did she seem truly upset about this vagrant disappearing with her child or appear worried for his safety.

Saddam Hussein trial--Doesn't the new judge look like Ben Kingsley? And what's with the giant play pens that the defendents stand in. AND, in what court can the defendent get away with yelling obscenities at the judge, and then walk out. I don't care if he did used to rule the land, he's still a prisoner.

I'm Audi.


miss kendra said...

i am intrigued by your description of the new judge.

and also entertained by the rest.

thank you.

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