Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Colder than a witches....

I never got that saying. Why a witches tit? Aren't witches human beings? Shouldn't their tits be relatively the same temperature as the rest of their bodies, a nice humanly 98.6 degrees? How about "Colder than the look Angelina Jolie gave Ryan Seacrest when he asked how many more children they were planning on having?" Yeah, you're right. It doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
But, dang, that look was downright Arctic.

Anyway, it's pretty freakin' cold over here at the house that Gingham built (a balmy 49 when I woke up), so I bundled up and went off to watch the Golden Globes with Tami. We got pizza--Brooklyn style--and ate Reese's Pieces. I finished the Knucks. Here's a picture of Tami, the proud recipient, modeling them for me. I don't like the cable cast-on for the fingers, as called for in the pattern; it made them too thick. It was probably just the yarn, as I didn't have this issue with the sock yarn.
I used Twize's 100% bamboo yarn in "Twen." It's a blend of white, red, black and gray stands twisted together, which made it kind of splitty, but I got used to it and had no problem. They are very thick and warm, which will be perfect for Tami's smoke breaks out in the always-windy land of West Hills.

In other news, my tire is all better. There was a nail in it, but the nice men at Just Tires fixed it up right good. And, the $19 I paid to have it repaired will count towards a new tire, should I need one in the future. My mind is eased, and Jamie Jetta is once again hitting top speeds on the freeway. Okay, 65--sheesh, I drive like a grandma.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Nahce Nucks. Verrah Nahce.

You couldn't possibly drive more like a gramma than the Jman. I let him drive to SD b/c I was EXHAUSTED. Dude. It took about AN HOUR longer than normal (like, when I drive).

I finally had to just shut my eyes and pray to whatever diety would listen.