Friday, January 12, 2007

I hate today.

The upstairs printer is offline and will probably remain so until next week. Poop. All of us upstairs now have to go downstairs to get our printed stuff. Sure, on the surface that doesn't seem like much, and admittedly, I'm WAY out of shape, but just look at the stairs!
That's four angles equaling 20 steps each way! Every time I wrote a letter today, I had to run downstairs, insert letterhead paper, tell everyone not to print, run back upstairs and click "print", run back downstairs, insert envelope, run back upstairs, click "print", run back downstairs, collect my printed materials, tell everyone it was okay to print again--lather, rinse, repeat.

Yesterday, I went out for a Starbucks run and found my tire was flat. I had just enough air to get to the Arco down the street, put some air in the tire, get the coffee and make it back before the Directors meeting. I checked the tire pressure this morning before I left for work and again when I parked. All seemed well. Then, at 5:15, it was flat again--well, flattish. This time I drove down the street in the other direction to the VW dealership. Unfortunately, it was too late to get the tire changed, but the nice men there put more air in the tire and told me it should hold up for a day or two for me to get a new one. Which is going to suck because a) I have to get coffee and stuff for a committee meeting tomorrow; b) I have $2.43 in my checking account; c) I have plans for tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. When do I have time to visit the tire store? I could drop it off tomorrow, but that will require some creative errand running as well as my getting up early--really early. Hmmm....

Then, I forgot to take the trash out until I was already in my jammies, so I thought I'd run out quickly. It was late. Who could I possibly see? Oh, only my neighbors--three of them! Any other day these people are Johnny-on-the-spot getting the trash cans out to the curb, but Nooooo, on the day I look like crap, they all decide to wait until
midnight to take out the trash. Here's a little sample of what they saw.

I'm going to bed now. Things had better start looking up tomorrow or I just may have to get mad.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Its the halloweenie socks that won me over.