Sunday, January 28, 2007

While my alarm gently beeps...

Just once I'd like to bake something without the sound of 8,000 smoke alarms in chorus. Okay, Dane Cook, there were not 8,000 alarms, but you could have fooled me. I am in no mood for noise today, so I ran from room to room removing batteries from every offending alarm and silence prevailed...for 10 blissful seconds. Then the wall alarm in the hallway beeped. ??? How can this be? I removed your battery? Why are you still beeping? HOW are you still beeping.
It turns out that this particular alarm is wired into the electrical system. I wonder if that has anything to do with the hall light not working, considering how Frau Pennypincher doesn't exactly hire the cream of the crop? Hmm...
Anyway, one tiny beep every 15 seconds is far more tolerable than a cacophony of beeps, so I went about my business. I baked brownies for Terrell at work, who's been bugging me about ba
king more ever since our company Christmas party, and chocolate chip cookies just because.

Last night, I braved the rain and headed out to the Knitting Factory, where there was no knitting going on, but wouldn't that be fun? All you Frolic Room-ers, we should try that. You know, show up with our knitting bags and act all confused when they tell us that it's just a name.
Anyway, the always-hot Tim Weber
was playing with his band, SpectraSonic. I have to admit that I missed their first three songs because I was waiting in the wrong room. They were supposed to go on at 10:30. When has any band in LA gone on at the time they were scheduled to go on? I looked in the first room, and that wasn't them. I looked in the Main Stage room, and that wasn't them, but my God was the singer of that band hot. I checked my phone and it was 10:40. Hmm, maybe I'll look around some more. That's when I found the AlterKnit lounge (again, I really want to show up with yarn and needles. I mean, they're just asking for it.) and there was Timothy on stage rocking out and flirting with all the "mom's night out" women in front of the stage. I sneaked in, found some folks I knew and pretended I had been there the whole time. Timothy was great, as always. Honestly, I've seen Tim play rock and ballads, and even a classical piece, and he is fantastic every time. Plus he has a great stage presence.

After Tim's band, Sideshow Bob's new band took the stage. No, really.
Here' s a bad cell phone picture of their lead singer. Somewhere in that blob of hair on his shoulders was a face. They spent 10 minutes saying "Check, check 1-2" into the microphone, to the point of being ridiculous. When he finally stopped, my friend Robin quipped, "That's our new song. It's called Ch-check, 1, 2." Once they actually started playing, they weren't so bad, but seriously, get the sound check over faster.
We left and outside the kids (Robin, her man, Sam, his wife, Destin and Aaron) were all heading to the Powerhouse, that dive over on Highland, which isn't quite a dive anymore. I wanted to move my car closer, so I said I'd meet them. Then, on my way to my car I got horribly dizzy and realized I hadn't eaten since breakfast at 8:30am. After 20 minutes trying to get from El Cerrito to Highland (2 stinking blocks) I gave up, flaked on my friends, and went home to eat a PBJ sandwich. Sorry Robin and Co.


Dez Crawford said...

Like your blog! Sorry, I didn't mean the whole group was that way ... just the wenches who snubbed CAP.

Dez from CAP comments. :)

Frank said...

wtf, I wrote a witty comment and the internet ATE IT!

oh, I know!

"Oh, I forgot to eat today" I wish I was one of those lucky souls who forgot to eat. Instead, I'm more likely to have forgotten to brush my teeth...

laurie said...

Laurie Ann! I am making my first large scalle pompom this evening, alert the media hehehehehe. I adore your pompom madness.

Also, check, check 1-2-3.

laurie said...


Um, that is not French for large-scale, just a typo, whoops.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Hey - thanks for giving Dez some sheeyat. I was getting a little hot-under-the-collar reading CAP's comments. Clarification is good. :)

AND I AM SO IN for showing up at the Knitting Factory with yarn and needles. Do you think we could actually get some rows done?! That would be freakin hilarious.

And is that dive, Powerhouse, the same one from the 80's?! Oh, no. that was PowerTool. Gawd, I'm getting old.