Sunday, June 03, 2007

Ah, the Home Depot

I went to the office today to hang name plates on office doors, only to discover that the screws I picked up earlier were not the right size. That's what I get for eyeballing them. So, Sergio and I spent some time measuring, laser leveling and drawing lines. I had to go back to Home Depot to return the wrong size screws and pick up the right size ones. Sheesh!

At the Depot, though, I also picked up a fresh can of Ant & Roach spray (because it's nearly ant season) and then I was drawn to the garden department. No bamboos (well, one, but the planter was ugly), but I got these:

Audrey 2 doesn't have a name on her tag, so I named her that because of the teeth. These were in separate pots. I grouped them like this.

Every home needs an aloe plant for those occasional kitchen mishaps. Yes, I named him.

The marble egg belonged to my brother Michael. He left it behind when he left home (on my 18th birthday) so I keep it with me wherever I move. The smiley mug cost 25 cents at an Echo Park yard sale. The windows are dirty--deal with it.

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