Monday, June 25, 2007

ba dah ba dah dah dah

Monday, Monday (see above)

Where was I all weekend? Oh, right there on the sofa. I tried in vain to channel my inner Catherine and actually finish a baby sweater in one weekend, but then I had laundry and I had to finish minutes from our last board meeting before this morning and there was this protest that closed streets and made parking a mess, so I couldn't move my car and ....the dog ate my blog post. I need some ambition. Does anyone know where I can find some?

I'm po' folk, so I mooched some food from a baby shower. Oh, it was here at work. I don't want you to think I just roamed the streets looking for a party. It was a work shower, but I don't really know the mom-to-be that well, so I felt like a big ol' party crasher. It was worth it for the macaroni-tuna salad and the ambrosia (because I'm small town and it ain't a picnic without ambrosia). She's the gal I was making the sweater for, though, so I guess I shouldn't feel too moochy. Whatever. It was better than Top Ramen and burnt corn muffins (damn oven).

In other news, the tranquility fountain that my boss gave me for Christmas is finally up and running. However, it splatters water so I have to find a creative solution. I have some ideas. I'll let you in on them next week.


Frank said...

How about a larger plate/bowl underneath your fountain? Although when I had a little fountain there was a little lever on it to control the water flow...

miss kendra said...

i have never understood ambrosia.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Loves me some ambrosia, hates me the street closures on Sunday. Made it really difficult to get to THE VALLEY (although, why anyone would want to is beyond me!)

Dude. Sounds like your fountain is having the opposite of its intended effect. I say make BossMan take it back and give you cash - for eats!

Laurie Ann said...

Frank--I have it set low, it still splatters. Just gravity, I suppose.

Kendra--I think it falls in the marzipan category. You either find it really gross or really good.

MG--(too many rrrs) I actually can't hear the fountain over the roar of the insane air conditioning, so it's no biggie.
Why did you go to the valley?

Catherine said...

Man, I don't know if I'll ever repeat the whole making a baby sweater in two days thing again, unless I'm stuck in an airport for hours or am on bedrest due to a broken leg or something.

The kicker of that sweater story is that my younger niece can't wear it! She has a big noggin and it doesn't fit over her head! Sigh.