Friday, June 01, 2007

Must be the "pretty girl" discount

Jamie is all better now! Yippee! Well, not all better, she's still dented, but she's got pretty new spark plugs and wires, and the nice men at VW topped off the wiper fluid and power steering fluid, plus they drained my oil overage and (shhh, don't tell the boss) gave me a new oil filter. PLUS, they gave me a 10% discount on the labor. It must be because of my beauty and my awesome rack. I looked over the bill and the $149 they were going to charge for the oil and fluid check is labeled as "10,000 mile maintenance". Well, kids, I haven't even driven 5,000 miles since the last time I had it at their shop, let alone 10,000; and they charged me the $149 last time for the same maintenance service. Hell, it hasn't even been 3,000 miles. I declined that service (and I'm taking it to my friends, Manny, Moe & Jack). My brakes--only the rear passenger side though--are metal to metal, so I'd better get that fixed right quick. All in all, I ended up paying much less than I was quoted, so maybe I won't be eating Ramen noodles for the next two weeks.

But not this week, because I don't have the time or money. My weekend is full of errand running, nameplate installing, photo show helping, sunflower repotting, and the ungodly amount of laundry that has piled up. I'm tired just thinking about it.


Oatmeal, the Bandit said...

Sweet Deal.

I drove the LTD for a year without rear brakes. I figure they're mostly optional.

Helena Handbasket said...

My dear, you are most certainly a beauty and specRACKular to boot. They'd better have given you a discount!