Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday's Sundries

You know you've lived in LA too long when you see a filming notice and your first thought isn't "Wow, I wonder if there will be any big stars," but "The Goo Goo Dolls are still together? Is this going to mess with my parking?" The answer to these questions is Yes and No. Apparently they will be filming a music video on a rooftop ala The Beatles, U2 and The Be Sharps. In the words of George Harrison, "It's been done." If you're interested, though, they'll be somewhere in the vicinity of Sunset and Vine (because the parking is 6290 Leland Way at Vine) on June 13th between 4pm and 6am. Look for the hovering helicopter with attached camera.

I know it's my emotional time of the month but I have been teary over animal stories lately. First, I watched The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill and got all weepy over the death of one of the birds. The hawks got him. He was lonely and old and just couldn't escape them. I cried for the poor lonely bird. And the guy who knew all the birds and could hand-feed them had to move and take some of the birds to an Oasis in Arizona. When he went back to visit one a few years later, it was very bittersweet.
Then came the TV movie, Ruffian. I defy anyone not to get choked up when her ankle shattered mid-race and she didn't stop running. The poor girl was in so much pain. Oh My God. I was sobbing for for the last ten minutes.
Today I was reading about a black lab who has a throat injury so he can't wear a collar or anything around his neck. He reminded me of Sam, the lab that belonged to a former landlord who was partially blind and his "sister," Lady, a collie who was deaf. Together they made one heck of a team.

Well, I've got nothing else. Have a good week!


melly said...

YES!!! I boo-hooed watching teh movie Saturday night. I remember watching the race when I was little. So sad.

Catherine said...

Heh. When Mr. Bear went to the Santa Monica Pier a few weeks ago, he happened upon a shoot for the new Papa Roach video. Sadly, his mom didn't post the picture of him standing not-too-close to the car parked on the beach. She will have to rectify that.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Sigh. A black lab with a throat injury. Are you just TRYING to kill me here?!


Hey, this is the most exciting street closures in these parts - Justice for Janitors Day 1800 Ave. of the Stars @ Santa Monica Blvd.

Abby Hansen said...

Just stay away from that Sarah McLaughlan ASPCA commercial...the one-eyed doggie nearly had me seeking medication.