Friday, December 28, 2007

And to think that I saw it on James M. Wood Boulevard

I was sitting at my desk and working very hard
When I heard a trumpet blare up from the boulevard.
"A trumpet," I said, "at 5:30 at night?"
"That cannot be so. That cannot be right"
I ran to the window. Beacon Street was blocked.
I told my friend Criss who was rightfully shocked.
We followed our ears and ran through the suite
to find, if we could, a good view of the street.
From Stella's office window, we gaped with wide eyes
and saw a marching band! What a surprise!
There was no hoopla. There was no parade.
Just one lone band but what a noise they made.
The flags were in sync. The drums thumped loudly.
The drum major led them, his chest pumped up proudly.
But what were they doing? Why were they here?
On the street? At night? At this time of year?
I thought while I watched them. I thought very hard.
"Why is there a band on James M. Wood Boulevard?"
The answer came not, but one supposes
they were practicing for the Tournament of Roses!

Sorry for the very blurry photo. It was hard to get a good shot.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Impressive. Clearly you've been as busy as we have in the office...

Frank said...

Those are some made rhyming skills!

Lysa said...

Thanks for writing this.