Monday, December 24, 2007

Oh Katie, your hat is finished

I finished my sister's hat. I know, I know. "Took you long enough," you're saying. Well, in true knitterly fashion, I cast on a matching scarf as soon as I was done, because I don't have nearly enough projects in the works. I will send the hat out tomorrow, although it may not reach her until her birthday (December 30th, for those keeping track) or later. I'm not happy with the transition from ribbing to pattern, but considering I kind of made it up as I went along, it's not bad. I really want to make Shedir(scroll past the boobie scarf) from Knitty for her but that will have to wait. Maybe for next winter. (Kate lives in Illinois, for those keeping track)Pay no attention to the messy bathroom shelf or the shifty looking model. That's two different kinds of cables! My biggest accomplishment--other than finishing, that is--was learning how to do cables without a cable needle. Soooo much faster. The scarf will match with a plait cable in the center and ropes on either side.

What other projects do I have in progress? Let's see:
  • Knucks for Roy and Terry (fingers made, just waiting to be joined and such)
  • Fingerless warmers for Ana, Amber, Santhi and I'm sure several other gals from work who will ask me to make them when they see the others.
  • A scarf for Criss because she's awesome
  • The aforementioned matching scarf for Katie
  • a sweater for Tami that I started this summer and was supposed to (according to her) have done for her birthday in September...or at the very least Christmas.
Not to mention the many, many projects I have yet to start, but fully intend to make.
How about you? What do have to finish?

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Annika said...

What DON'T I have to finish? *Sob*