Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Such a deal!

I love me some dollar stores. Back in Pennsyltucky, when I worked for the Loews folk, there was a dollar store across the "street" (it was a mall) from my theatre. My friend, Brian Pastor (Hey Bri!), and I would go there nearly every day to see what we could get for a dollar. Sometimes you get a plastic piggy bank or a Virgin Mary night light. Sometimes you found a deal, like when they had a shipment of awesome pens or a whole desk set--FOR A DOLLAR. Brian and I found it endlessly amusing to ask the clerks, "How much is this?" Yeah, we were those people.

So imagine my delight when I traversed the busy thoroughfare known as Olympic Blvd to peruse the aisles of the Kenso Store in search of tissue paper for gift bags and found such delights as a mug with Bugs Bunny playing the piano (some of my favorite Bugs episodes involved the classics), knitting needles and crochet hooks (sizes 8 and H respectively) and yarn (yes, it's acrylic, but treated with aloe) which I can use to teach my co-workers to knit when we get a minute to slow down.

And I still had money left over to buy some chili/lime fruit from the guy on the corner.


Neila said...

My daughter's first job was at Everything's A Dollar and she would come home about ready to pull her hair out from people asking her how much something was. It was fun to send people in there just to ask her that and see her reaction.

Ellen Bloom said...

Size 8's and size "H"!!!! Those are the sizes I use the most! Where on Olympic is the Kenso store?

I was given some of that aloe acrylic years ago. It's kinda' sticky, icky....AND you know that I LOVE acrylic yarn.