Saturday, February 09, 2008

Clearly, I need professional help

Why did I ever click on Swap-bot? As if I didn't have enough to do with the most recent Harry Potter Sock Kit swap (actually, just have the bag to finish), I discovered Swap-bot and decided that I needed to make and swap dishcloths. Then, while checking out my fellow dishcloth swappers, I saw all these swaps for ATCs. What the hell are ATCs? Well, it turns out they are Artist Trading Cards--2.5 x 3.5 cards that we, the swappers, create from any medium we choose. Most of the ATC swaps have some kind of theme. The one I join--read the post title if you're asking why--is non-themed. Now, while I can knit and crochet fairly well, I'm not much of an artist in the traditional sense of the word. I don't think I did so bad for my first try, although, they aren't all that spectacular. I hope my swap partners forgive me. Check them out:

I used cards from an old game that never made sense so no one ever played it. Watercolors, rhinestones, and ribbon.

This one is my favorite. I used watercolors and the star she's swinging on is a rhinestone.

This is entitled "before." You'll see why in a second. I used real nail polish for the fingernails and a giant rhinestone for the diamond, with a gold satin ribbon as the band of the ring. I painted the rest in watercolor.

It says "So, naturally, I shot him." It's entitled "after." I used a picture from an old ad, then painted it with watercolors, along with the background.

Pardon the cell phone photos. I was too lazy to get out the camera. But hey, I did bust out the Fuji yesterday to snap a photo of the dishcloths, well, one dishcloth and two spa cloths, I received from my swap partner. She also sent chocolates and candy hearts, but I ate those.
Sue, my partner, even crocheted a matching ribbon. The solid pink one has a purled heart that you can't really see in this photo. Aren't they cute?

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woolanthropy said...

Love your ATCs! They look awesome.
Sounds like a super fun swap.