Sunday, February 03, 2008

Life's simple pleasures

It doesn't take much to make me smile. For instance, these things did the trick today:

The city installed a light on Cahuenga on that curve after (or before, depending on which way you're driving) the John Anson Ford theatre. I'm so happy. It used to be a stop sign and drivers would have to take their chances because you can't see the cars coming up from Odin Street.
I successfully learned double knitting, a technique that has confounded me for ages. Thank you "Son of Stitch N Bitch" for finally making it clear to me. I frogged my swatch so I could use the yarn, but here's an example for anyone who doesn't know what double knitting is--so that you can be suitably impressed with my mad self-teaching skills. The pattern for the pictured scarf, done by Crafty Chick, can be found here.
I went to Michael's today and found the perfect colors for a couple of projects. I got some soy yarn (2/$6) and some Vanna's Choice (2/$5), and I picked up some dishcloth cotton yarn (4/$5) because despite my earlier assertion, I don't really have that much cotton after all.

Other things that made me smile today:
  • New mascara
  • The Laz-E-Boy commercial that starts off with the guy yelling "Punt," because he doesn't really annunciate the P very well and it sounds like something entirely different, and I'm 12 years old at heart.
  • Doris Day and James Garner films. James Garner was so damn handsome.
  • Toilet Paper on sale!! Gotta love Target.
That's all. I'm easy.


Sachi said...

1. The traffic light makes me do the dance of joy.

2. That scarf makes me squeal all happy-like.

3. I seriously need some dishcloth cotton myself.

Annika said...

That traffic light made my YEAR. I keep meaning to post about it at but I am too damn lazy.

I want to learn double knitting and I need some dishcloths, so I'm thinking I should make myself a double knit dishcloth. Thoughts? Pattern suggestions?

Helena Handbasket said...

I too am a sucka for James Garner. Be still my beating heart. Well, not too still as I want to go on loving James Garner.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

PUNT!!! I've heretofore hated that commercial ("He's such a bad arm-chair quarterback." REALLY.), but you've given it new meaning. And I will laugh - Mwahahahahahahh!

Also? DK is good. DK/illusion is better. Just you wait and see!!!

and 3, soy for $6/2?! Were they on sale?! Is it Bernat?? B/c @ Joann's, they are like, $4/1.

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