Thursday, February 07, 2008

Well, I got three months out of her

Oops, Jamie did it again. At least she didn't leave me stranded this time. At least she didn't die on the freeway, 'cause that would have really pissed me off. But choke she did and I was already running late. I turned the key and she jolted and shook. I let her idle for a bit and she just kept shaking. I started to pull out of my parking spot and she jolted and sputtered as she always does when the spark plug or cylinder or whatever it is that keeps failing fails. I pulled forward into the first spot on the street (so as to make towing easier) and walked to the bus stop.

So here's the really sucky part:
a) I don't get paid until NEXT Friday, which means at least a week on the bus.
b) I'd like to have this VW specialist in Van Nuys take a look at her, but how will I get to Van Nuys?
c) I want to trade her in and try to get a new used car, but...
d) I still haven't gotten her smog checked so the registration is past due so I can't use her as a trade-in until I rectify that--which I can't do because she's not running.
e) There's a very important all-day meeting coming up at the end of the month for which I need to get food and coffee.

So I'm hopeful. I hope I can get her to Van Nuys or find a local VW expert. I hope the dealership was full of shit when they said she needed at $4000 engine block whatever. I hope she can be fixed for under $500. I hope she passes smog check. I hope I can then trade her in, rear-end damage and all, and get a newer used car that will keep me running errands until doomsday. And you know what they say: Tis better to have hope in your soul than soap in your hole.


Annika said...

Oh man. HUG. Have you tried Jim Matson on Pico? I'm not sure if he does VWs, but he is really great and will not charge you for anything you don't need.

Anne-Marie said...

OH MY GOD Laurie they are filming Harry Potter in my town RIGHT NOW!!!!!

I was just thinking who do I know who is a huge fan!
This is quite exciting, although I guess as you live in Hollywood, you are used to it :)

And also Jamie = :(

Funky Muffins said...

Only you are authorized for coffee duty? How privileged!

Anne-Marie said...

Stupid optician appointment meant I couldn't go :(

I didn't even realise they did any filming here until Lucius Malfoy was on the radio last week. He lives around here somewhere.


miss kendra said...

i think the moment she's functional you should think about trading her in.

and by "think about" i mean "do."