Thursday, February 14, 2008

Squeezing all the value out of my bus pass

I'm still on the bus this week as I can't get Jamie fixed until payday (tomorrow) and I've been reminded again and again how entertaining the bus can be. Like the woman who, without provocation told me all about her brothers and sisters and their baby daddy drama, or the man talking on his cell about getting a job who uttered one of my favorite quotes this week, "I ain't got the complexion for connections." Or the argument between the bus driver and an old man that ended with the driver shouting, "Keep it up, Redd Foxx, and we won't be going anywhere." The day pass used to be a bargain, and I guess it still is if you have lots of bus riding to do, but with only four runs a day at $1.25 each, the $5 pass is the same as paying as I go. Today, though, I bought the day pass because I intended to go to Stitch n Bitch (I didn't go).

My route is pretty simple--210 down Vine to Crenshaw/Olympic, then 28 or 728 to Olympic/Union. But they changed the bus stops to the opposite corners, so now one has to cross two intersections to go from one bus to the other. The stop for the 710 (Rapid) remains on the northeast side of the intersection. The 710 was coming up Crenshaw, so rather than cross the street again and in an effort to get home sooner, I hopped on.

Apparently 710 no longer mirrors the route of the 210, which I didn't realize until the bus made a right at Wilshire instead of a left. Rats! Okay, no biggie. I'll take the Red Line (subway) to Hollywood and Vine and walk home from there. Now the Red Line at Wilshire/Western only goes to Union Station and back. I took it to Vermont where I went to the lower level to take the train to Hollywood Blvd. The train came and I got on without looking--and ended up back at Wilshire/Western. Waaahhhh... It was like some kind of Metro Parallel Universe. I gave up, got back on a bus that took me back to Wilshire and Crenshaw and took the 210 home. A 40 minute trip that started at 5:30 ended up being a 2 1/2 hour trip. Without a day pass, it would have cost $10.

Please let Max, the king of German car repairs, be able to fix Jamie so I can trade her in for something reliable.

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